Why use a broker for your business insurance?

AF’s Head of Livestock Inputs & General Kristian Dunham explores the benefits of using a broker to navigate the business insurance landscape. 

We know that buying business insurance can be difficult. Searching the market for the right product at the right price can be exhausting. Once you’ve found a product, how do you know that you’ve got the right level of cover? Or that the policy you’ve chosen covers the complex risks your business is exposed to? As an independent insurance broker AF Insurance can make the process much easier, help you to save money and ensure you get the right cover for your needs.


Cheapest isn’t always best

Many online price comparison websites appear to offer an easy way for businesses to select the cheapest insurance policy without having to go through a broker. But cheapest does not always mean ‘best value’ and the policies on offer will often be generic insurance solutions that don’t cover all of your business needs. 


It pays to have adequate cover

The economic climate means an increasing number of businesses are facing new issues which they may be unaware of including underinsurance.

Research shows that a staggering estimated 80% of properties in the UK are underinsured. It has become more commonplace for policyholders to be underinsured. Brexit, Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have had a dramatic impact on the availability of materials and labour so property rebuild values and other equipment have increased in value.

Underinsurance is when the sum insured doesn’t fully cover the cost of repairing, replacing or rebuilding the assets listed on your policy. In this case you would be liable for the shortfall. In some instances, your insurer may also invoke the average clause. This means the claim payout would be reduced proportionally in line with the amount of underinsurance.

At AF Insurance our brokers use their expertise and experience to help you correctly value your property and assets to reduce the risk of being underinsured.  


The increasing cost of claims

Claims inflation is the change in the average prices of goods, materials and services in relation to the claims made. The same factors driving inflation are also driving up the cost of claims settled: supply chain disruption, skills shortages and increased regulation. We have already seen claim costs increasing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

Whilst insurers will attempt to recover these costs for non-fault claims, there are some things you can do to help keep costs down.

  • The earlier you involve your broker in a claim the easier it is for them to manage the process and keep costs down.
  • Using your broker’s experience of the insurance market, underwriting and claims process can reduce the stress of making a claim and ensure that you get the best possible solution to your problem.


Your AF Insurance Team also provides risk management services including health and safety advice, engineering inspections, training and risk assessments. All of these can be used to reduce the likelihood of a claim situation arising in the first place.


How can AF Insurance help?

When using AF Insurance you’ll have an expert adviser working on your behalf. They will fully assess your needs and understand the risks your business may be faced with. Taking into account your available budget your adviser will find the right policies at the right price rather than just offering the cheapest.


Working for you

As a truly independent insurance broker, our advisers will present a range of options from a number of different insurers and provide unbiased advice. They will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each policy based on your business requirements when helping you choose which policy to go ahead with.

To find out more about the services that your AF Insurance team offers or to speak to a broker about your policy speak to AF Insurance on 01603 216387 or insurance@af.farm.



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