AF Charity Policy

About AF

AF is the largest farmers’ buying group in the UK and we are proud to be a co-operative; a not-for-profit organisation owned by our Members and registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Society Act 2014. This means that we are legally required to “carry on (our) business for the benefit of the community”.  As a not-for-profit co-operative, we don’t generate a surplus and therefore our resources to support good causes are limited.
Farmers are inseparable from the communities in which they live and work, they do vitally important work growing food and looking after the natural environment and our Members support a wide range of charities and good causes. These are supported directly through patronage, fundraising and donations and indirectly by providing facilities for fund-generating activities.

As a co-operative society owned by our Members, we are conscious that when supporting any cause or charity we are using our Members’ resources and therefore we must act responsibly and consistently. Each year we set aside a modest fund to support good causes and these funds are distributed by the Board in consultation with our employees.


AF prizes and sponsorship

We receive frequent requests for raffle prizes and small donations. When deciding whether we will support an event we give priority to causes in which our Members are actively engaged and which focus on the rural community.


Applying for AF support

We can’t help everyone who approaches us. To be fair and consistent we nominate several themes each year which helps us filter requests.

When considering requests for donations and support that match our themes, we prefer to support smaller, local charities whose activities improve rural communities. We also support charities in which our Members play a prominent role. We prefer to make more small donations rather than a few large ones.

In 2024 we will be supporting charities that are active in the following areas:

  • Agricultural workers and members of the farming community
  • Elderly people living in rural isolation
  • Education and learning in rural communities


If you would like to apply for a donation from AF, please email us describing what you intend to do with the money and explaining how your activities are relevant our themes. If your cause doesn’t match these themes, it is unlikely we will be able to support you.

Thank you.

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