Crop Inputs Team Members

Josh Joachim

Fertiliser Procurement Manager

I aim to make sure our Members receive the best service and advice when purchasing their soil and crop nutrition requirements.

I believe in getting the most out of our inputs and am always looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of the fertilisers our Members purchase.


I am FACTS and BASIS Soil & Water qualified. In April 2022 I joined AF from the merchant trade where I worked in a similar role focussing on soil and crop nutrition. I graduated from Harper Adams with a BSc (Hons) Agri-Business in 2019 and worked in the grain industry before specialising in fertiliser.

In the volatile world we are currently operating in it’s vital that our Members get the most for their money. My job is to source the best deal at the right price and at the right time for our Members. I enjoy working with suppliers looking at new products and matching our Members needs with suppliers’ offerings.


Charlotte Gould

Crop Inputs Specialist

I grew up surrounded by livestock and wheat field and have a professional background in grain trading and quality assurance.

No two farming businesses are the same and my favourite part of working in Crop Inputs is learning about Members different ventures.  Understanding what makes you and your farming business tick and how AF can play a role in that is exciting and rewarding.

Annalise Crisp

Crop Inputs Specialist

Although I don’t come from a farming background, I have immersed myself in the industry and have thoroughly enjoyed learning new topics and procuring a variety of plant protection products for our Members.

I joined AF in November 2021, a challenging time for farmers, having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science & Welfare. To my surprise, I’ve used my degree far more than I expected!

I’m passionate about learning and passed my foundation BASIS award in April 2023. I plant to obtain a qualification in the Safe Use of Rodenticides and Pest Control, an area that I’ve become particularly interested in since joining the AF Crop Inputs team.

Liz Osborne

Crop Inputs Specialist

‘You never stop learning’, this has not been more true since I joined AF in February 2023. I have learnt so much about procuring crop inputs, and will work towards gaining foundation BASIS and FACTS in the future.

I am from an Agricultural background, my family has been involved in the agricultural sector for hundreds of years. I have previous experience working on arable and dairy farms. I graduated in 2020 with a FdSc in Agricultural Management.

I enjoy speaking to every Member and getting them the best solution for their procurement requirements.

Paige Hastings

Seed Procurement Manager

I enjoy being part of a fast-paced industry and a contact to help our Members face their agronomic challenges and choose their inputs.

I joined AF over 4 years ago, coming from completing a BSc (Hons) in Equitation and Coaching in 2018. I have gained my Foundation BASIS in Agronomy and Seed Sellers BASIS, which has helped with understanding our Members’ requirements. Living on the family’s arable farm, I understand the pressures and constraints that growers are under and being a point of contact to help our Members gives me great pleasure.

Aleksija Curcic

Crop Protection Procurement Manager

Crop protection is one of the biggest contributors to a farm’s gross margin. My job at AF is to ensure supply of the right products, in the right quantity and deliver them at the right time for our Members.

Having joined AF in 2020, my first 3 years were spent working as the technical conduit between fertiliser, seed and crop protection, where I worked with suppliers on new products coming into the market and focussed on advising Members on the most practical and sustainable crop inputs.

I am BASIS and FACTS qualified and love to help Members delve into more detail when analysing the different product options available. I have recently moved to specialise solely in crop protection as Procurement Manager. I enjoy working with suppliers on a commercial level and ensuring that we can deliver to our Members on price, availability and delivery.

rebecca archer crop production team

Rebecca Archer

Crop Inputs Specialist

I have made every effort to keep learning and gaining qualifications relevant for the procurement process and team at AF.

I joined the Crop Production team in September 2018, with this being my first full time job since leaving college, where I was studying for my A levels. During my time at AF, I have obtained my foundation BASIS, safe use of rodenticides and gained a wealth of knowledge in the crop protection sector. I am from a local farming family and have a keen interest in agriculture.

Lee Oxborough

Head of Crop Inputs

There is no doubt that farmers are facing a period of uncertainty and challenging times ahead. Standing together and working cooperatively has never been more important and I am delighted to head up the Crop Inputs Team, supporting our members by procuring competitive product in the most timely, efficient manner.

I hold a Basis certificate in Crop Protection and come from a background made up of both agronomic and practical experiences. I have been the Service Engineer fixing your tractor, the Driver drilling well into the night and the Development Agronomist walking your crops and trialling newly discovered chemistry options. I live and breathe Agriculture and couldn’t think of another industry I would rather be a part of.