AF Responsible Procurement


We are committed to providing a fair, safe and ethical workplace for our employees and we apply the same standards with our suppliers. 

We believe it is of upmost importance to respect all human rights both internally and also externally within the supply chains that we use in order to procure goods and services for our Members.  

We encourage mutual respect for one another. We do not tolerate any infringement of  basic human rights.


We believe environmentally responsible procurement is best for our Members, our planet and ourselves.

We work closely with our suppliers to seek and adopt innovative ways to ensure our supply chains and operations are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as they can be.  

We have therefore set an expectation with our suppliers that holds them accountable for high environmental standards.

We work collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure they meet the criteria in our AF Responsible Procurement policy.


We pride ourselves in conducting our business relationships with honesty and integrity, and with full compliance with any legal obligations.  

Our high standards are integral to successful Supplier Relationship Management and fundamental to our day-to-day business practices. 

We continually look to improve our services to our Members and regularly monitor our suppliers to ensure they continue to operate within our Responsible Procurement values. This has become the solid foundation at AF upon which we always operate.

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