Your urease inhibitor options

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Limus Clear

Key benefits:

  • Improves NUE by reducing ammonia emissions by up to 98%
  • Fully compatible with all liquid fertilisers, including both straight N and NS grades
  • Has no negative impact on soil health safety
  • The only urease inhibitor available with two active ingredients (NBPT and NPPT), so binds to a wider variety of urease enzymes and minimises losses more effectively


Limus Clear is available in 5L cans. Click here for more information and application rates.



Key benefits:

  • Increases yield – data collected over 42 trials showed an average 4% yield increase on winter wheat
  • Improves NUE from UAN by up to 15%
  • Has a beneficial effect on soil biome – in a recent trial, mycorrhizal colonisation in the soil increased by 10% over a 64-day period post application
  • Reduces the release of nitrous oxide gas to the air – by an average of 54% compared to standard UAN application over a 266 day field trial


Liqui-Safe is available in 20L cans & 1000L IBC. Click here for more information and application rates.



Key benefits:

  • Reduces emissions by over 70%
  • Can be used at a reduced or a full application rate to suit your farm’s requirements
  • Increased yield of 0.3t/ha in NIAB trials
  • Meets Red Tractor farm assurance standards


NitroShield comes in both 5L and 10L packs. Click here for more information and application rates.



Key benefits:

  • Reduces wasteful ammonia and nitrous oxide losses by up to 54%
  • Improves NUE by 4.5%
  • Increases crop yield by 4%
  • Only available pre-mixed with N & NS liquid fertiliser grades


Click here for more information and protected fertiliser grades available.

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