Tips to prevent farm fires

When it comes to fire prevention there are no guarantees.  But with an increase in farm fires this summer, your AF Insurance team has put together these handy hints and tips to help you reduce the chances of a fire starting on farm.


Security and arson prevention

  • Is trespassing an issue (or potentially an issue) and how can this be minimised?
  • Think about ways to cut rural crime by investing in fencing, locks, and floodlights.
  • Install CCTV if feasible and focus on the areas of the site that are more secluded.


Storage safety

  • Hay and straw should be stored as soon as possible after harvest and kept separate and away from other buildings.
  • Fuel and other flammable liquids and substances should be kept in a lockable container and out of sight.
  • Rubbish and waste should be regularly removed and kept to a minimum.


Electrical safety

  • Electrical safety checks should be carried out regularly including on hot works equipment and machinery (e.g. welders, grinders, solders).
  • Appliances in farm buildings should also be tested and meet safety standards.


General fire safety management

  • Keep farm firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers regularly checked and on hand including in farm vehicles such as tractors and combines.
  • Ensure smokers know to dispose of cigarettes safely.
  • If you provide camping facilities have clear guidance on barbecues and campfires and ensure areas are regularly checked and monitored.
  • Make sure water supplies are accessible in case a fire does occur.
  • Exits and routes should be clearly marked as part of your general risk management and kept accessible at all times.


How insurance can help mitigate financial loss from a farm fire

You can’t plan for the unpredictable which is why it’s crucial to have farm insurance you can rely on.

At AF Insurance farm and agriculture insurance is one of our fields of expertise and we understand just how complex and nuanced the industry really is. As specialists, we can take you through what you should consider and set out options based on your specific farm business needs.

For example policies can cover you for loss of revenue if there were delays harvesting because of an event you were insured for. Similarly, farm insurance can also cover costs if you needed to hire replacement or additional machinery to prevent crop loss.

Also remember that farm insurance (like all policies) will come with certain conditions. For example many insurers will limit stack height for hay and straw bales. Exceeding this height can risk invalidating your policy.


Your AF Insurance team can discuss this with you when considering the best policy for your risks. Call us on 01603 216387 or email

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