Machinery Team

Whether you want to buy or hire, with AF you get best value deals for tractors, trucks and all sorts of other machinery – and the parts that keep them running – for your everyday farm business tasks.

robertdunham af machinery team

Robert Dunham

Procurement Manager

I have always had an interest for understanding all things mechanical and enjoy the procurement of farm machinery for Members.

Before joining AF, I ran my own business as a registered firearms dealer and gunsmith so I have always been involved with the farming community. It was a great opportunity to come to AF as a machinery specialist. Out of work I run and show a classic Jaguar and have over the years owned and refurbished various Land Rovers etc.


Adam Farrow

Fuel & Machinery Specialist

I know how much value AF brings to our Members’ businesses and it’s a pleasure to work with them and contribute to their success.

I have been working in AF for the past 4 years and originally started my career within the Affinity team, this gave me a great platform into all areas of the business and I quickly learnt how important AF is to our members, I transferred over to the Machinery team in March 2018 and have extensive knowledge of powered access, agricultural and plant hire equipment. I have recently taken a new role which is Fuel and Machinery Specialist and therefore am purchasing all tanks (static and mobile) for our membership.


Jill Roberson

Machinery Specialist

I enjoy the pace and variety of conversations with Members to help their businesses.

I have been involved in the agricultural industry one way or another for over 30 years. I ran my own independent retail business for 10 years and have extensive administration and customer experience. Outside of work I’m an eco-blogger and keen gardener.

greg purling vehicles specialist

Greg Purling

Vehicles Specialist

I use my experience to use the best methods and networks to procure vehicles for AF Members.

I have nine years of experience in the vehicles role at AF, over which time I have built up an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the vehicle industry, developing the best methods and numerous contacts to procure vehicles for AF Members. Previous to my time at AF, I worked in the buying office of a plastics manufacturer, so have been in purchasing roles for the whole of my working life.