Business Services Team

We offer accuracy and efficiency with our range of business services including grant funding, insurance and payroll.


Stephanie Chapman

Charge Card Procurement Manager

I bring a strong commitment to customer focus to AF. My previous role setting up and administering AF Affinity meant I was well placed to take on AF Charge Card since its inception in 2014.

My experience managing staff travel and car parks across the country as part of Aviva’s facilities department developed my eye for accuracy and detail. During my 12 years at AF and in particular since the creation of Charge Card I have built my understanding of the variety of services that our Members need to access. This has enabled me to widen the Charge Card offering and introduce the Cardnet payment option. I relish the challenge of working in an industry with such diverse needs as AF’s farmer Members.

Kristian Dunham

Head of Livestock Inputs & General

I cover one of the most diverse areas within AF with a wide variety of product areas.

I have been working with AF and our Members for much of my career, initially through an approved supplier before joining the General Supplies team within AF. Over the last four years I have moved on to become Head of Livestock Inputs & General, one of the most diverse areas within AF and one that crosses over with many other departments.  This position is key in that it gives me a unique insight into how the needs of our Members and the departments they use are intertwined, with many natural cross overs that, once identified, can add value for Members and maximise returns from every interaction.