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Vikki Williams

From the first day I joined AF in 2011 I’ve been part of the Telecoms team. Twelve years later and I’m still here!

When I started out I worked on fixed line faults, orders and upgrades. Since then I’ve developed my knowledge and experience learning both from colleagues and formal training, including taking my PRINCE2 Project Management in 2022. It’s been an important part of progressing to my current role, Telecoms Contracts Specialist, where I oversee the management of over 15,000 mobile contracts.

Talking tech

Most of these contracts were due for renewal in the first quarter of 2023. Last year I led a project, working closely with our Technology team, to create a system to record all renewals sent, relevant mobile numbers, networks, tariff recommendations and Member responses.

This may sound quite basic but it was a vital step forward for us. It reduced the time we spent sending over 2,200 emails to Members about their mobile numbers (over 6,000 of them). The time this freed up means the team could do additional analysis of previous 12 months’ usage to give Members truly bespoke tariff recommendations.

The need for speed (and data)

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen over the last few years is Members’ need for data: faster broadband speeds and bigger data packages on mobile. A typical data tariff twelve years’ ago had either no data or very little (less than 1 gigabyte (GB)). By 2015, tariffs with unlimited UK calls and UK texts with 1 GB data were much more common but cost over £30 per month. Now, unlimited UK data tariffs are available for much less than that.

Broadband has changed significantly too. When I first joined the team, the only broadband options were satellite (unreliable and expensive) or through the telephone line with speeds of 2 Mbps for the lucky few. 

Two wheels, trainers and terroir

When I’m not at work with my nose buried in a spreadsheet or two, I’m most likely found enjoying the great outdoors either cycling, running or walking. If I can combine that with a pub stop to re-fuel, that’s even better!

I’m also a keen cook but not a recipe follower, more of an experimental cook. Prior to joining AF I spent 7 years working for a wine importer (wine tasting was one of perks of the job). Now cooking food and matching it with a complimentary wine to share with friends and family is still a regular hobby.

Vikki Williams Telecoms Contract Specialist

vikki.williams@af.farm 01603 881 930

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