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Rebecca Archer

I joined the AF Crop Inputs team in September 2018, my first full time job since leaving college. I am from a local farming family and have always had a keen interest in agriculture.

Farming through and through

Growing up on an arable farm, I understand the ever-growing challenges and pressures farmers are facing. With extreme weather conditions, rising input costs, loss of BPS and supply constraints it has been not easy. However, the new innovations and technologies we’re seeing mean I think the future is exciting. On our family farm at home, farm diversification has been key. We now have a riding school and livery yard which have created important additional incomes.

A crop protection focus

My role in the Crop Inputs team sees me predominantly procuring crop protection products for our Members. Using my product knowledge and relationships with suppliers, I help Members get best value for money and timely deliveries on farm. I also work closely with a group of Members to proactively manage their crop protection requirements every year. I assist in fertiliser and seed when needed, for example if a colleague is on holiday.

I am currently undertaking my BASIS qualification which I hope to pass later this year.  I have recently completed my project for this, analysing the efficacy of Laser and Astrokerb on Italian ryegrass in oil seed rape. As expected, the results showed using Laser and Astrokerb together in the programme gave the best control. But what was surprising was although Laser did not give complete control on the second flush of ryegrass, it gave 75% control on the first flush which was more than I expected. With rising levels of resistance to herbicides and ryegrass becoming an increasing problem on farm, these results were very interesting.

Horses and hounds

When I’m not working or studying, I love nothing more than riding my horses Freddie and Milo, and helping out at the riding school. I’ve also got a cocker spaniel called Jack, who has just turned 6 months old. I plan to start gun dog training this spring which will keep me busy!

Rebecca Archer Crop Input Specialist

rebecca.archer@af.farm 01603 881 826

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