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Peter Hamblin

I joined your AF Energy team in January this year. My focus is on making sure our AF Members’ energy bills are as accurate as possible and arrive with you in a timely manner. I know this has been a source of frustration for many Members and hope that you’ve started to see some improvement.

Validation behind the scenes

In the 4 months since I joined your AF Energy team, we’ve validated over 26,000 electricity invoices. What are we validating? I check that the invoices we receive from suppliers show any meter readings you have provided (that’s why it’s so important you send us regular meter readings) and list the correct charges (or credits where applicable).

If an invoice fails validation for any reason, I raise a query directly with the supplier, requesting the invoice is corrected. Once we have received the re-bill it also goes through our validation process.

My aim is to make sure there isn’t a single error on the invoices you receive, so you can be confident they are correct. But did you know you can help us to achieve this? Providing us with regular meter reads means suppliers bill you accurately from the start, and we have vital evidence to contest invoices that do not pass our extensive checks.

With the new April 2023 contract eliminating the need for reconciliations and bringing cheaper unit rates across the board, along with the launch of our new AF Energy Management Portal for easier access to bills and read submissions, we have high hopes for a much smoother invoicing experience this year.

Glassblowing and more

Before joining AF, I worked as a glassblower in Bath, turning molten glass into handmade art, conducting demonstrations to the public and teaching small classes.

My main hobby is in programming. I have a knack for problem solving and I love contributing to open-source software and developing small games. I studied video games programming and enjoy game jams with friends for fun. Reading, photography and creating concept art and spending time with the family are also things I enjoy doing in my spare time.

Peter Hamblin Energy Data Specialist

peter.hamblin@af.farm 01603 881 881

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