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Paul Molloy

Electricity prices are a hot topic for our Members. Rightly so with energy being one of the biggest costs in many of your businesses. Towards the end of 2022, almost three years after starting here at AF, I joined your AF Energy team as Procurement Manager and have lots of plans.


Onwards and upwards

Your energy bills
One of my first priorities is better billing. I will recruit dedicated bill validators, giving our Members accurate and timely bills.

I fully understand that some Members find your energy bills from us confusing. I will introduce an energy summary page to your monthly AF statement pack to give a top-level view of your sites, usage and costs. I hope you will welcome this.

Helping you manage your energy
We’ve recently launched our AF Energy Management Portal, giving Members anytime access to your energy bills and data. It shows graphs of your usage and costs, plus you can enter regular meter reads at a time that best suits you.

Streamlining what we do
I am analysing our internal processes so we process Member queries and requests quicker than ever. I will automate processes wherever possible, freeing up your AF team to quickly handle your queries.

In response to the energy market volatility of 2022, we only bought your electricity one month at a time. This meant an AF reconciliation invoice was needed. Unfortunately, this was complicated and confusing for some Members and your accountants.

Now that we have been able to adopt a simplified electricity buying strategy from April this year (giving you either one 12-month price or two 6-month prices) the billing will be simpler for you, and us, to manage.


My AF journey

I’ve been at AF for three years and love working here and with our Members. I have a reputation for being one of the smartest dressed and most consistently cheerful colleagues in the office. I am always eager to share my love of good coffee by pouring a cup for my colleagues from my cafetière.

I have been lucky to have worked in different parts of the AF business. Some of you may have spoken with me when I joined AF in your AF Telecoms team. Next, I was seconded into the Fuels team when volatility reached its highest. This was a really fast introduction to how commodity markets work!
Then I worked across the AF teams as Procurement Project Manager, proactively contacting Members about a product or service they weren’t using to help them get the most from their AF Membership.

When the opportunity arose to join your AF Energy team, I was excited to take up challenge.


I hope you like this insight to my plans. I’m always open to your feedback and ideas for how we can develop what we do.

Paul Molloy   Energy Procurement Manager

paul.molloy@af.farm  01603 881 822

Save money. Save time.