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Paige Waters

My first two months as your AF Seed Procurement Manager have been very positive. I’ve used the experience from working in the Seed team for three and a half years to get going on some ambitious plans. But first I’ve spoken with Members, to understand what you’re looking for from your seed procurement team, and with suppliers to work through how we might work together to make my new ideas work.

Plans to change how we procure your seed are well underway.

New Year, new plans

I am already sharpening up our internal processes. But I am well aware of how change can be positive on our Members’ farms. Some of the challenges we face create exciting opportunities for Members.

The increasing cost of inputs places new importance on your cropping choices. Nitrogen prices remain high, so I am encouraging Members to consider growing more nitrogen fixing crops, such as peas and beans. In turn this increases demand for certain seed. My job is to understand the seed supply chain and keep Members informed so you can make the right decision for your farm. Living on our working family farm means I understand how important those insights are.

Looking ahead

I want to offer buyback contracts, giving Members assurance on end sale as well as access to new and exclusive varieties.

I will pool Member’s seed requirements to deliver on both price and security of supply. We have exciting opportunities to develop our seed portfolio, from environmental scheme requirements and grassland to more niche crops like swedes.

Good supplier and breeder relationships remain important and I will continue to maintain these. The landscape of seed is changing rapidly, with variety tolerance, disease resistance and the future of gene editing all hot topics.

Up to ‘seed’

My commitment is to be at the forefront of new technology and keep you “up to seed”. Your goal is our goal – to achieve clean seed and a good profitable crop.

I look forward to speaking with more Members during the year, both on the phone and in person.

Paige Waters   Seed Procurement Manager

paige.waters@af.farm  01603 881 830

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