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Jamie Darby

It’s nearly four years since I joined your AF Fuels team. In that time I’ve seen some very positive changes, mostly within the last year.


New Fuel Cards offering

We have revamped AF Fuel Cards, streamlining the cards we offer and improving our relationships with suppliers UKFuels, Watson and Allstar. Each provides a different way to meet our Members’ needs.

UKFuels offers BP, Shell, Esso and UKFuel network cards, with unrivalled discounts, and a member-facing online portal for reporting, a very easy to use option for both us and our Members.

Watson, offering supermarket cards and the branded AFCard, which operates on the Keyfuels network, again offers an amazing discount. Recently we’ve seen around 20ppl discount on average diesel pump prices.

Allstar gives Members an extremely easy to operate card accepted at over 98% of stations nationwide, but as it offers no discount on pump prices this is more a convenience card.

Last year I called a number of Members who didn’t have Fuel Cards, which helped us grow our Fuel Cards operation by over 20% this year. We have issued nearly 9,000 cards, across our membership. I’m really proud of this achievement!

Calling Members also gave me the opportunity to benchmark against other suppliers. I was delighted to confirm that our offering compared really well and I’m keen to make sure you, our Members, know just how much we can save you.


Regular Top-ups and Tank Scout

We have also given this area of our daily activities more attention. We analysed data from our suppliers which showed over 12 months, nearly 1.3 million litres of fuel was over ordered by inaccurate regular top-up deliveries. This couldn’t continue as it was impacting delivery schedules.

In the past 4 months, we have contacted all of our Regular Top-up Members and moved them over to Tank Scout. Tank Scout is a telemetry system installed on a Members’ tank(s) that allows us to monitor daily usage and order at the best time, according to either the market, the usage or the Member’s detailed requirements.

We have already saved over 1.2 million litres of fuels that wouldn’t have fit in Members tanks, that’s the equivalent of 70 full fuel trucks. And we’ve saved Members thousands of pounds by checking the fuel market before we order.


Music is my passion

As many of you know, I also sing, performing both in multiple bands and as a solo artist. You might even have seen me perform on ITV’s ‘Walk the Line’ last year. Since then I’ve performed both across the UK and internationally. Highlights for me have included Centre Court at Wimbledon and for McLaren at Carmel Car Week in California. My music is currently available across all streaming platforms (under the name ‘Darby’), and I hope to release my first full length album later this year. Thank you if you listen or watch me perform.

Whether you’d like to speak with me about saving money through Fuel Cards, keeping your tanks topped up with Tank Scout or you’d like to book me to sing at your annual barn dance, I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Jamie Darby   Fuels Specialist

jamie.darby@af.farm  01603 881 837

Save money. Save time.