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Jake Thurtle

I’ve been a part of the AF team for nearly 3 years now, starting in March 2021 as part of the Energy team. Since then, I have spent time working within several different teams within AF – Fuel, General Inputs, Machinery and Telecoms to name a few.


Procurement Support Specialist  

My interest in exploring the many different areas and the way they work here at AF has led to my current role, Procurement Support Specialist. Day to day I support the different procurement categories at AF, dependent on seasonal workload, covering for colleagues or growth campaigns, which tests my mental dexterity! I love this element of my role as it means every day presents a new dynamic of work, whether it be sourcing wearing parts for a combine or helping Members choose their next mobile tariff.

Learning how each team operates gives me insight into many different styles of work, the benefit of the hard-earned wisdom of my colleagues and therefore knowledge I can then transfer to different teams to try and improve the way we serve you, our Members. 


Proactive work

One of my strengths is my enthusiasm for proactive work, because I am naturally charismatic. I thoroughly enjoy hopping on the phone and having conversations with our Members about different ways you can get more out of your membership.


On the road to gain market intelligence

More recently I’ve been out on the road visiting some of our machinery suppliers, improving relationships and expanding my industry knowledge.

On a recent visit to Fuchs Lubricants in Stoke-on-Trent I toured the factory where they make their lubricants. I learnt more about the different applications for their products and the scale of their business, and was impressed by their fully automated warehouse, where pallets are picked and delivered to the production floor by robots.

I also visited ASHBROOK Limited in Congleton, a large supplier of rented plant and machinery. A lot of our Members take Case tractors on short and medium term hire, as well as other plant and access platforms and we discussed the fantastic new rates they’re offering Members for hire in 2024.

Finally, I went to see F G Rowland in Clitheroe, John Deere specialists, who again rent a large number of units to our Members.

These visits helped me understand the challenges our suppliers face, how they interact with AF and ways that we can add value which can be passed on to you.


It’s game time

In my time away from work I enjoy playing video games. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was 4 years old, when I got my first Game Boy Advance. When I’m not gaming, I test my constitution by spending my weekends at Airsoft; a sport very similar to paintball, just without the paint!


Jake Thurtle Procurement Support Specialist

jake.thurtle@af.farm 01603 881 923

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