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Jake Harrison

Technology paves the way to the future. I joined AF in 2021 and since then the focus and move toward digital diversity has been at the forefront of new developments we use to bring value to our Members.

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Many of you may have heard or been contacted about our new digital offerings, especially within the last six months. Probably the two biggest talking points in the industry at the moment are Fuel and Energy.  We have responded to this by launching two new online services for our Members.

Online fuel ordering

Working with expert partners we have created an online fuel ordering service which offers 24/7 access to purchase fuel online using exactly the same prices you would get calling into the office. We understand the necessity for fuel and by combining this with up-to-date market insights we are proud to present online.af.farm – which now also has the option for GTL too.

The process to order fuel online only takes few minutes from start to end. Any addresses you already have registered with us will be available to use and up-to-date prices are fetched when you choose from the range of pricing & delivery options available.

Energy Management Portal

Energy is the other hot-topic in today’s media and for those who hold their energy with us we offer the Energy Management Portal (EMP). The EMP lets users to view the full breadth of their portfolio including sites, invoices, profile data and year-on-year comparisons.

Coming soon…

The services above are just the start of AF’s new digital age. Within the next quarter we will be launching the successor to AF Interactive. The revamp will come with all of the existing functionality wrapped in a new, easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing exterior and added functionality to start managing your data. With a timelined plan to add more features with regular updates.

Away from my AF desk…

Technology continue to course through my veins, whether donating time to charities to help get their websites up and running, building combat robots to smash-up in the junkyard wars or automating watering and monitoring of my veg-growing escapades – tech is at the heart of so much of what I do.

Recently I have taken a special interest in ChatGPT – an AI chatbot that will take any prompt you give it and answer accordingly, for any of those of you who have an interest in technology I highly recommend taking the time to explore it.

Here’s a ChatGPT-authored poem on technology in agriculture:

In fields of green, where crops do grow,
Technology has helped them to show,
Their fullest potential, their highest yield,
Agriculture’s benefits, now widely revealed.

From drones above, to sensors below,
Technology has helped the farmer to know,
Where crops need water, where they need care,
To optimize growth, and increase their share.

Precision planting, with GPS guide,
Ensures that crops are evenly supplied,
With nutrients, water, and sunlight,
To reach their potential, in full flight.

Farming has become, a precise science,
With technology, as its reliance,
From seed to harvest, every step,
Is now tracked and monitored, with digital adept.

And as our world grows evermore,
We’ll need to produce, even more,
To feed our people, to meet demand,
Technology in agriculture, has a role to command.

So let us celebrate, the benefits of tech,
In agriculture, it’s time to check,
How it’s helped us grow, and thrive,
To feed the world, and keep us alive.

Jake Harrison   Systems Analyst

jake.harrison@af.farm 01603 881 952

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