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Hannah Peregrine

I have fourteen years’ experience in fuel and joined AF almost two years ago. 

During my time at AF, we have seen some of the most challenging times within the industry, including shortages, protester blockades and the effects of the Russian war with Ukraine. It has certainly tested my problem-solving abilities making sure we keep your tractor wheels turning.


You might know me better as ‘the Tankscout lady’ as my primary role within your AF Fuels team is managing Tankscout. This is a telemetry system that enables me to monitor your fuel tank levels daily. You set a trigger level – the point at which an action occurs. This could be an automatic top up, ordering a set amount or a call to discuss your requirements. We can even alter your trigger levels and actions throughout the year depending on your workload.

I base my orders for you on your average daily consumption, factored against supplier delivery windows; ensuring a regular and reliable delivery service. I love analysing your data. Combine this with my fascination with the fuel markets and that’s how I make the system work for you. I see every tank as my own and I don’t like spending money unnecessarily, so you’re in good hands! And … Tankscout is a free service for AF Fuels users.

Just last week I saved one Member over £600 on a full lorry load of diesel. How? I saw that he was going to need a delivery and ordered a day sooner than usual to beat a rise in the market.

And outside AF…

Potatoes are my passion. I run The Potato Pod, a family operated mobile catering unit providing gourmet topped jacket potatoes. Our homemade BBQ pulled pork is a firm favourite. My potatoes come direct from a farm (I won’t mention any Members’ names here!) and are served at a multitude of events, festivals and celebrations. I love food and experimenting with new recipes using locally sourced ingredients.

I even use my own AF account for Fuel Cards and to procure LPG, catering equipment and printed workwear. The low costs and expert advice offered by my colleagues when I need it is second to none.

So if you would like a Tankscout monitor on your fuel tank, or some potato-joy at your next event please do get in touch with me.

Hannah Peregrine  Fuels Specialist

hannah.peregrine@af.farm  01603 881 924

Save money. Save time.