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Hannah Brooks

After 15 years working in the aviation hospitality industry, I joined the AF Affinity Fuels team in June 2021.


From hospitality to heating

I was used to working at 40,000ft, so having my feet firmly on the ground took some getting used to, but my passion for customer service remained the same.

As an Affinity Fuels Specialist, my day primarily consists of talking to our domestic heating oil customers, either on the phone or via email. Placing orders, reviewing figures, and onboarding new customers are just a few of my day-to-day tasks. Living in a rural community myself, I understand how important the work we do is, and being able to help others in the same situation really drives me. Launching our new website affinityfuels.co.uk has been a particularly exciting project that I’ve really enjoyed being involved with.

Alongside my Affinity role, I also spend a good part of my day supporting your AF Fuels team working with Members. This has given me an insight into the farming world. Going from a busy harvest in the summer months to a busy domestic season in the winter keeps me on my toes with new and exciting challenges.


Around the world 

You may have already guessed, but before my time at AF I was a jet setting Cabin Crew for Emirates airline.

Hannah, one of Emirates Cabin Crew

I loved traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. During my time with Emirates, I travelled to 71 countries and have flown over 4,013,459 km. That’s the equivalent of flying around the world 100 times!

I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie and have ticked many things off my bucket list including sky diving in Dubai, shark cage diving in South Africa and hang gliding in Brazil.

Now I’ve got my feet back on the ground, you’re more likely to find me at the driving range practicing my swing, or busy in the garden.

Being from Wales originally, I road trip back there every other month. I even have half of my team speaking in a Welsh accent throughout the day!


Did you know…

I’m one of five Hannah’s in the office, and one of two in the Fuel team.

Hannah Brooks Fuels Specialist

hannah.brooks@af-affinity.co.uk 01603 881 892

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