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Fee Liddle

In November 2023 I joined AF as an Account Manager. It was an exciting change for me, as until then I worked remotely for an online livestock marketplace. Now I’m in the office, working as part of a close-knit team and it’s a real pleasure. 

I’m a people person

I’ve always been passionate about building lasting customer relationships and giving the best service possible to everyone I encounter.

My day-to-day role as an AF Account Manager can be varied, but at the heart of it is connecting with our Members (current or new), listening to them and helping them with their business needs.

Fostering strong relationships with every call or meeting, listening to any issues Members may have and looking for ways to build bridges make speaking with Members the highlight of my day. I’m looking forward to getting out to meet more Members face to face and connecting with others on the phone.

Going solo

As well as my work for AF, I also run my own self hire horsebox company, Phoenix Horsebox Hire. I set it up from scratch and I’m really proud to say I’ve grown it into a successful and profitable company. I handle every aspect of the business myself, from marketing to jet washing returned horseboxes out daily.

It’s given me a great understanding of what is involved in running a business, and the fact that it isn’t always plain sailing!

Whoa there!

My business also gives you a rather large hint as to what I enjoy doing in my free time. Horses have been a huge part of my life since I first sat on one at 3 years old. I now have two of my own; an 8-year-old chestnut Warmblood mare called Dori and her 9-month-old black colt Ocean. Dressage was always the focal point of my competition career. But as Dori is rather passionate about jumping, I’ve learnt to be just as comfortable flying over 1.10m fences as I am riding a dressage test!

Dori & her colt, Ocean, enjoying some spring sunshine last year

Fee Liddle Account Manager

fee.liddle@af.farm 01603 881 949

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