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Dani Groom

I joined AF in April 2023, as part of the Affinity Fuels team. It was quite a change for me, from running a domestic cleaning company for the previous 13 years.


People first

My day to day role as Affinity Fuels Specialist means I take customers calls and emails when they want to place new orders, verify the previous day’s orders, and make sure I update our customers about any delivery delays. Whilst they don’t happen very often, having run my own business means I understand how important it is that you have what you need when you need it, so I work hard to mitigate the impact of delays when they do happen.

Building relationships is my forte, and I take the greatest pleasure in helping our customers save money, and delivering the highest possible level of customer service.  


Team work

The Affinity Fuels team also support the AF Fuels team during busy times, such as in wintry weather or during harvest. I really enjoy pitching in to support my colleagues at these times, and it can present interesting new challenges for me and different types of problem to solve.

In the office I really enjoy connecting with colleagues from across other teams, fostering relationships with a cup of tea in the kitchen or a conversation on the phone. We’re here to work hard, but laughter is essential to me. Making someone smile is the highlight of my day and I’m a firm believer that nothing is as beneficial as a smile or a moment of laughter shared with a colleague or member.


The joy of music

Outside work, my greatest pleasure is attending gigs and festivals with my husband and friends. We’ve been to lots, but Glastonbury will always be our favourite.

I’m a music enthusiast through and through. I absolutely love to sing, even if I’m the only one that’s happy about it! 


Dani Groom Affinity Fuels Specialist

danielle.groom@af-affinity.co.uk 01603 881 989

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