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Callum Riches

I started my IT Support role at AF in February 2018. I was 18 at the time and it was my first full time job since leaving college. I’ve been at AF for over 5 years now.


Dreaming of Tech

I’ve always had an interest in technology, even when I was younger, so it’s no surprise that I’m working in an IT role within your AF Tech team.

Working in IT gives me the opportunity to interact with everyone at AF… eventually everyone gets those inevitable Tech issues for me to solve. One of the reasons I love working in IT is you never know what kinds of challenges you’ll be facing from one day to the next. It really keeps you on your toes!

I’ve had to understand how every department within AF operates. From how our invoicing team processes your invoices, to how Member Services go about setting up your new Member accounts across our systems.

Callum’s top tip

There’s one piece of advice I give to colleagues most frequently of all. And you might find it useful if you’re ever having problems with your computer, tablet, or mobile. Try turning it off and on again! As silly as it sounds, it does actually solve quite a few issues for my colleagues at AF.

Champion achievements

One of my proudest achievements is being the 2-time AF Table tennis Champion. It’s an event that takes place over the Wimbledon period and we have named our tournament “AFbledon”. I proudly display both my trophies on my desk at all times.

I would say I’m partly a stereotypical nerd. I love playing video games and have spent thousands of hours playing them with my friends. I’ve also recently got into Dungeons and Dragons, and play this with some of my AF colleagues. When I’m doing neither of those things, you’ll most probably find me in the gym (where I go multiple times a week), or down the pub watching the football or Formula 1 with my mates.


Callum Riches IT Assistant

callum.riches@af.farm 01603 881 970

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