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Alastair Nottage

I first came to AF in spring 2016 after moving back from Essex to our family farm in Norfolk. A position had become available within the Livestock Inputs team, and I thought it gave me the chance to work with like-minded people from an industry that I hold dear to my heart.


Finger on the pulse

My role has evolved over time. Now I start my days by talking to industry figures around the global feed markets, and where they think those markets might be heading.

I speak to a lot of Members about their livestock feed needs. Most important to me is that I find best value for each Member depending on their circumstances and what they need to procure. Each farms circumstances and needs are different, and I find it really interesting talking to farmers, hearing how they deal with different situations that can arise in a livestock farming environment.


Our daily bread

It’s a common misconception that feed is ‘one size fits all’, but with nutritionists specifying different blends based on a herd or flock’s specific need, I think it’s one of the most interesting and varied product areas in Livestock Inputs. For example I recently procured 203 tonnes of bread for a Member. That’s the equivalent of 253,750 standard 800g loaves and it caused great fun in the office as everyone tried to guess how many loaves of bread!


The family business

Our family farm revolves around mainly livestock. We produce free range chicken for Traditional Norfolk Poultry. Other stock includes 120 Red Hinds in our breeding / finishing unit producing venison for Dovecote Park, and 40 Shropshire sheep producing lamb for local butchers.

We’ve also recently tried to diversify with the creation of “Waveney Arts & Crafts Barn”, where people can enrol on courses from pottery to willow weaving and oil painting just to name a few.


In my ‘spare time’

I laughed as I wrote that as between AF, our farm and spending precious time with my family, I’m not sure I can call it ‘spare time’! But I’ve recently joined a game shooting syndicate, where I take great delight in working my young English Springer Spaniel, Murphy. I’m also an avid rugby fan.

Alastair Nottage Feed & Equipment Specialist

alastair.nottage@af.farm 01603 881 811

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