HVO – the fuel for a low carbon future

Lower your fuel-related net carbon emissions by up to 90% without any engine modification by moving to HVO Fuel

What is HVO fuel?

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a drop-in diesel alternative. It offers a cleaner way to fuel both on and off-road machinery, providing an instant reduction of CO2 emissions without the need for changes to engine infrastructure or machinery.

Manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable waste, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a paraffinic drop-in fuel that can be used as a replacement for diesel, meeting EN15940 standards.

How is HVO made?

FAME, sulphur and fossil free, HVO is part of the paraffinic fuel family. It is a second-generation biofuel, made from vegetable oils or animal fats.  Unlike first-generation biofuels, these raw sources are processed using a specialist hydro-treatment to achieve high levels of purity. The result is a stable fuel with a long-shelf life and excellent performance year-round.

Who is HVO for?

Because HVO is a drop-in replacement, it can be used in a wide variety of vehicles and machinery including: 

  • Construction equipment
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery & vehicles
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Industrial trucks and tankers
  • Commercial boilers and burners

What are the benefits of HVO?

  • Cleaner Sustainable fuel
  • Up to 90 % reduction in GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels
  • Local air quality benefits significantly lower particulate matter, NOx and unburnt carbons
  • Fossil/FAME free and odourless
  • Improved combustion over some diesel alternatives
  • Higher cetane number than EN590 for cleaner combustion
  • Exceptional cold weather performance to -30 degrees
  • Excellent storage properties – FAME free, does not affect water or microbial growth
  • Switching is easy
  • Meets EN15940 paraffinic fuels standard approved by a wide range of OEM’s
  • Drop in replacement for use in diesel engines without modification

Pricing and availability

HVO is priced in exactly the same way as standard red or white diesel, you can purchase on the spot market or we can fix a price for an extended period of time.  Deliveries are made by the same suppliers and availability is generally five working days.  There is no minimum delivery.


HVO can be stored in the same way as red and white diesel, however we recommend a tank is cleaned prior to the switch and used solely for this product.