How to be a
smooth HR operator

Having the HR side of business running smoothly helps so much else. We are pleased to help more and more Members with the HR procedures you and your staff need in place.


AF HR scores high

We know HR. Just recently we scored in the top quartile for the Eastern Region’s ‘Best Employers’ Awards. This is as a result of our colleagues here at AF HQ rating our company culture, communication, benefits, and wellbeing initiatives higher than most other organisations that took part.  

Our HR Team have worked hard to create an engaging culture, with a true emphasis on giving great customer service to you and other Members.


AF Members can get HR help

Aside from what our HR team at AF do within our business they are on hand to offer advice and guidance to yours.  They can help your business as and when you need it, whether it be a small query or working with you on a long term HR project.


Be sure to stay on the right side of employment law

Are you compliant with employment law? This is our checklist of what you need to have:

  • Right to Work documents in place for each employee ahead of day one of employment?
  • Sharecodes verified for EU Workers?
  • Written Terms of employment ahead of day one of employment?
  • Ensuring adherence to 48 hour Working Time Directive, or valid opt out in place?
  • Paying National Minimum/Living Wage and paying holiday pay in line with the latest legislation from July 2022.
  • Ensuring non discriminatory recruitment processes.


If you are unsure on any of the above, you could be putting your business at serious risk. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


For advice and support, please get in touch with your AF HR team.

Save money. Save time.