Gleanings - AF Weekly news summary
25th October 2023

Red Tractor greenwash blackballed, but NFU left feeling blue.

Farmers Weekly report on a meeting of NFU council members last week, where they agreed an urgent motion requesting a pause in the implementation of the proposed Greener Farm Commitment module set for April 2024.

Despite this request, alongside distress calls from farmers and farmer bodies around the country, the assurance supremos have confirmed that they are ploughing on regardless.

A spokesman for Red Tractor is reported as saying “As the main Red Tractor board agreed last month, our existing technical advisory committees and sector boards are meeting over the coming weeks to provide their feedback on technical and practical considerations.”

It still seems that the Greener Farm Commitment is a step beyond the Red Tractor remit of assuring compliance with laws governing food production, and strays into an area (lower carbon farming) which is entirely voluntary for all producers.


Cheetahs cheated extinction

We spotted this news about how cheetahs came back from the brink of extinction and share it with you, extracted  from The Knowledge.


Septic tanks storing up a nasty surprise

A report in FarmingUK highlights a potential foul up for rural homeowners. Properties off the sewage main that rely on septic tanks need to be aware of laws passed in 2015, but which had a five year grace period.

Homeowners who have a faulty or damaged tank which leaks sewage could face fines of up to £100,000. Tanks also need to be appropriately sized for the amount of waste required to be stored.

For house sellers, cases are now emerging where conveyancers have not alerted buyers to a potential issue, or where the cost of replacement has put purchasers off.

So, if you have property with septic tank do please check it regularly, and if it needs replacing contact your AF General Inputs team by email or call 01603 881 914, who will be pleased to get quotes for you.


More weather woes

Another week, another storm and flooding event. This time not just our beleaguered friends in Scotland, but torrential rain and flooding across the UK. With roads closed due to flooding and trees falling, many a countryside task or commute was made harder. We are aware so many of our Members have suffered terrible losses of crops and equipment, damage to soils and property, distress to livestock and delays to drilling. We send Members our best wishes for a swift return to business as usual, and if there is something you think AF can help with please do call or email us.


Post of the week

You may need to zoom-in, or follow the link here to properly read this lovely post from Cambridge farmer James Sills.