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Fuel prices in limbo amid global uncertainty

Our fuel graph below shows how fuels prices have increased by 4 pence per litre in recent weeks, but have plateaued in the last few days.

Global fuel news:

  • Brent Crude at $83.50 per barrel.
  • Traders are following developments in the Middle East after further attacks on shipping vessels.

  • The Red Sea situation has prompted European buyers to turn westwards for their crude, with exports from the United States on the rise.

  • The US has become the world’s largest oil producer, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia. 

  • Latest stock reports suggest 5-year average highs are being reached. With a continued oversupply of heating oil in Germany, it is rumoured the refineries are cutting prices to secure orders.

Our AF advice:

With finer weather reported for March, it may be a good idea to check your tanks whilst the market is flat.  

It’s more important than ever to buy at the right time, with daily market swings becoming commonplace. Talk to your AF Fuels team about forward fixing the price of your fuel, or discuss the price saving benefits of our FREE tank monitoring service.

You can also watch daily price movements on AF Online, or speak to us for advice about the right time to buy.

Order today:

For prices or to order, call 01603 881 911 in office hours, email or anytime through your AF Online account at the same price as if you called your AF HQ.


Would you like to know how much your fuel will cost this spring?

The unpredictable nature of global events, geopolitical tensions, and economic shifts can lead to abrupt and substantial changes in fuel costs. AF Members are already contending with unpredictable weather patterns and commodity prices, so talk to your AF Fuels team about forward fixing fuel prices to give you one less thing to worry about.

What is forward fixing?

In simple terms, it’s an agreement you enter into in advance, to take the amount of fuel you specify, in the month you agree to, for a fixed price regardless of market fuel prices. 

Why fix?

Forward fixing isn’t about ‘beating the market’. Rather, it’s about knowing in advance what your fuel will cost. That price certainty gives you better budget control and means you can forecast accurately.

How much should you fix?

Our advice is to consider fixing a percentage of the total amount of fuel you need for each month. So if you need 10,000 litres EN590 in March, you could forward fix 5,000 litres and procure the rest when you need it at whatever the best price is at that time.

Ready to see if fixing will work for you?

To get started, all we need to know is:

  • the type of fuel
  • the volume each month 

We’ll provide you with an indicative price and you can decide whether that price works for your spring budget.

Get in touch with your AF Fuels team today by email to or call 01603 881 911.

Save money. Save time.