Crop Protection: T3 options

If conditions are right,  unfortunately this can be the time for opportunistic disease outbreaks. This refresher gives you what you need to know and what to use to get effective control if needed.

Brown Rust

  • Associated with warm conditions.
  • Successfully controlled with tebuconazole based products.
  • Be especially vigilant with varieties with weakness to rust such as Crusoe and SY Insitor.

Fusarium Head Blight

  • Several risk factors, including rainfall at flowering and maize as a previous crop.
  • Product choice and timing are key – fungicides must be applied at mid-flowering (GS BBCH 63-65).
  • High rates of tebuconazole will effectively control fusarium species but prothioconazole is required to control microdochium nivale.

Septoria tritici

  • Risk factors include wet weather and windy weather.
  • Prothioconazole still offers useful activity.
  • For high pressure situations use newer SDHi, QIi or DMi fungicides for better control.


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