Gleanings - AF Weekly news summary
1st November 2023

Here’s what caught our eyes and ears in the agri news from UK and further afield in the last week. 


Labour changes mind on right to roam…again 

A recent Twitter poll by Farmers Weekly suggested that if there was a General Election 54% of people would vote Labour and only 10% Conservative. To show the frailty of polling, on Instagram the results were 43% Conservative and 22% Labour! 

 In any case, should our next Government be Labour, take note that they have this week reverted to their original pledge to introduce a right to roam in England and Wales. They are also committing to ending the culling of badgers. Both divisive issues which cause tension on both sides of the argument amongst farmers and non-farmers alike. 

 Of course, AF has no political axe to grind. We exist to help you and other Members whoever is in Government and whatever obstacles you have to overcome. 


France back on top of wine world 

Every year since 2007, except 2011 and 2014, Italy has been the world’s leading wine producer with bottlings of around 50 million hectolitres, reports But this year France has wrestled back the crown. Mildew outbreaks in Italy pushed their production down to 43 million hectolitres against the steady French production of 46 million hectolitres. 



A report in FarmingUK claims low welfare egg imports to the UK from Poland increased by over 2,000%. There’s also been a 300% increase of eggs imported from Italy. This is in response to UK farmers having to cut production by 8% in 2022 and a further 10% in 2023 due to rising feed and energy costs. 

 It is mind boggling that retailers won’t pay a fair price for UK eggs and are happy to supplant them with eggs that are grown to standards which are illegal in this country. 


Pumpkin perfection 

We know that some Members had seasonal pumpkin patches for half term Halloween pick your own, and pumpkin interest is increasing. So have a look at this incredible pumpkin sculpture by American Adam Bierton. Over the last 10 years or so he has carved a niche as a Halloween jack-o’-lantern specialist. 

 Find more faces on Adam’s website.