Why you should register your zero-usage energy sites

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Did you know that you can register zero usage sites to save time and reduce billing queries? Register for our zero-usage energy supply register.

We can save you time on monthly reads and stop estimated bills by registering your zero usage sites. Simply inform us if you have a non-half hourly energy supply which is currently not consuming energy, or is expected to do so for more than 3 months, and we will register it on our system and monitor it for you.

We will validate bills using the same reads and only generate a standing charge for the expected period of zero consumption. This is particularly useful for sites with limited seasonal usage.

A guide to registering your zero-usage energy

To register, simply email us the following information:

1. Provide the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)

Your MPAN on your energy bill will look like the image below. We only require the 13 digits from the bottom row, for example ‘1012345678910’ in the example shown.

mpan numbers

2. Take the current reading(s) from the meter

A photo or set of photos is often the easiest way to record and send this to us. Please ensure you note reads on all registers along with the register type. This will be:

  • Single Rate or All Times
  • Two Rate – Day/Night or Normal / Low or Weekday / Other
  • Three Rate – Weekday/Eve & Weekend/Night
3. Inform us of the date you expect consumption to resume

We will contact you around this date to confirm usage is due to resume or to postpone to a future date.
If usage is set to resume, we will advise the best dates to read the meter to ensure future bills reflect these reads.

We’ll then be able to validate your information and confirm your zero-usage registration has been processed.

To register for this service simply email the information above to: zerousage@theafgroup.co.uk.