Why Salt Is Your Winter Essential


The UK government spends approximately £150 million on more than 2 million tonnes of salt for UK roads each year. Despite this, over 1000 people per year are killed or seriously injured on icy or snow covered roads.

Each year we see farms buying road salt in increasing quantities. Unfortunately, we also see many leave it until the cold weather hits hardest and stocks are already running low before placing their order.

Avoid becoming another injury statistic…

We encourage any member with a need for road salt to talk to the General Supplies team as early as possible to secure your requirements before the worst of the weather hits.

Road salt facts

  • Salt works by lowering the freezing point of water
  • Minus 21 degrees is the “Eutectic point”, the point where salt with no longer melts ice
  • In practice salt effectively melts ice up to minus 10 degrees
  • Road salt has an anti-caking agent added, this stops the salt reforming into blocks
  • Salt is available in brown or white and either 25kg sacks or bulk bags
Contact the General Supplies team on 01603 881 908 or via generalsupplies@theAFgroup.co.uk to order your requirements today.
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