Why it’s important to create value across the supply chain

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As a farm business owner, there are many benefits to becoming a member of an agricultural buying group (find out 5 benefits, here). The AF Group offers so much more than the cost benefits associated to our buying power.
We recognise that we are better together – and that isn’t limited to our relationship with our members. Fostering relationships with our suppliers form a key part in ensuring we provide a valuable service.

We nurture long term relationships

Over the years, we have formed strong relationships with a host of suppliers across a range of products. Some of our suppliers have been with us since The AF Group was established.

From forming that relationship, AF is trusted by it’s suppliers, who understand the importance of the service we provide to our members.

We help to increase efficiency and reduce costs

We work collaboratively with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and you. This enables us able to optimise operations to maximise speed and efficiency within the supply chain.

We enable you to focus on farming by speaking to suppliers to find the best offer for the products you need on your behalf. In short, this saves you the time.

Often, our busy members have specific delivery requests. We’re well placed to negotiate with the supply chain the delivery of products to suit your needs and time-frames.


You may not realise the range of products we can source for you. Of course, we have you covered on all your farm business needs such as fertiliser, crop production items and livestock feed, but we offer so much more. We can source cars, negotiate machinery hire and offer favourable phone and internet tariffs. Our General Supplies team have even sourced goal posts!
If you’d like more information about joining the UK’s largest agricultural buying group, visit our membership page.
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