Why buy vehicles through AF?

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AF sources hundreds of vehicles each year for our members. AF vehicle buyer, Greg Purling, is instrumental in helping you through the process.

We have long standing relationships in place with most of the UK vehicle manufacturers. We also have numerous dealers across the UK.

We’ve negotiated great deals on your behalf, giving you access to vehicle discounts over and above a retail customer. Average savings are in the region of £4000, and deals are available on all types of vehicles.

We spoke to Greg to answer some of your questions:

Are there any restrictions on which dealers can be used?

No, the deals are available at nearly all of the UK’s main dealers. The exception is if the dealer operates as retail only.

Can I approach a dealer direct?

You can, but the recommendation is to contact AF first, to outline your intention. This will ensure you are directed to the best dealer, and also dealt with by the correct sales contact.

Discussing your enquiry with a retail sales person can subsequently lead to complications. This could result in you missing out on the AF deal.

It’s not possible to negotiate your own retail deal and then receive the AF deal as well.

Does the AF saving only apply to brand new vehicles?

Yes, it’s just for brand new vehicles, where you are the first registered owner.

However, we do offer an excellent used-vehicle sourcing service, which is available in certain areas of the country. For a small fee, good value and reliable used vehicles are sourced. The contact takes care of all arrangements and delivers to your address.

Is it possible to test drive a demo of the vehicle I’m interested in?

Yes! AF has access to the manufacturer’s central demo teams. They can offer test drives of up to 5-6 days and will deliver and collect from your address. Don’t forget to cover the vehicle on your own insurance, though.

I’ve contacted a dealer but have been told there is a long delivery on my preferred vehicle. Can AF assist with better availability?

Sometimes. In making use of well-placed contacts in the vehicle network, there are situations where AF can source the vehicle you require with a better delivery option. This can either be with other dealers or sometimes through the manufacturer. It can often be for vehicles which your local dealer can’t see.

I would like to trade in my current vehicle for part-exchange. Does using the AF deal allow for this?

Yes – the supplying dealer will offer a valuation to part-exchange your outgoing vehicle, which can be traded-in against the new vehicle.

Do vehicle orders have an AF service charge?

A service charge will apply, but this is a fixed amount and not based on a percentage of the vehicle’s value.
The fee is advised by the vehicle buyer at the quotation stage. This will be billed to your AF account at point of order.

Can AF help if I’d like a finance agreement on the vehicle?

All options are open through AF to finance the vehicle, and the AF cash purchase saving can be utilised. You are also welcome to source your own finance using the AF vehicle quotation.

If the best deal isn’t with my local dealer, can I still have the vehicle serviced locally?

Of course! Servicing, aftersales and any warranty issues can all be done at your local main dealer. We’ve also negotiated a saving with many of the garages on aftersales work (servicing and parts). As an added bonus, please consider an AF fuel card – there are additional savings to be had at the pumps through AF. Please get in touch with the Fuel team to discuss.

If AF negotiate the deal on my behalf, will the vehicle be registered in my name or my business name?

The transaction on the vehicle is direct between you and the dealer, so the invoice and registration is in your name.

I’m interested! What should I do next?

Please call AF Vehicle Buyer, Greg Purling, who can discuss your requirements in more detail. He will advise on the savings available, and guide you through the process of purchasing a new vehicle.

Call: 01603 881 831
email: vehicles@theafgroup.co.uk

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