The importance of strong and reliable internet – and how we can help!

4g graphic internet
The COVID-19 pandemic has flagged the importance of a strong and reliable internet connection. Whether you’re working from home, home-schooling or Facetiming with loved ones, it’s highlighted that good internet is a commodity that is necessary in the 21st century. It has also served to highlight the reality and frustration of poor rural broadband.

Most of the administration work for businesses needs a reliable broadband connection in order to file accounts, taxes and government documents. Not only that, it plays an integral part in communicating with suppliers and customers. Without this basic utility, many businesses have been struggling to continue to operate as usual.

The demand for better broadband in rural areas has always been prevalent. However, the demand has increased notably in the last year and looks set to continue to grow into 2021.

How we can help
AF has been assisting members for a number of years with Communications Management Surveys and are seeing an increase in uptake.

The surveys include a full investigation of your site(s) to determine what 4G and wireless networks are available with a stable signal strength and sufficient speed for your needs. On average, speeds of 25mbps plus are easily achievable with 50mbps and above in some locations.

In addition to 4G broadband solutions, AF will also cover farm security. This includes gates, CCTV and any other requirements and be able to demonstrate lone worker systems. With Health and Safety a key topic on farms, AF are dedicated to working with members to get the right solution in place.

If you are interested in discussing the potential of a survey, then please email our in-house expert, Michael Simnett:
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