Tankscout – the smarter way to order your fuels


Fed up of getting wet checking your oil levels? Do you keep running out of fuel? Not sure when is the best time to buy your fuel? AF Fuels Specialist Hannah Peregrine explains she has the answers and the perfect solution.


Tankscout is a telemetry system that enables daily viewing of your fuel levels via an online portal. Not only do you have remote access to your levels, but your AF Fuels team does too. This means we can monitor your levels, the fuel markets and supplier delivery windows to ensure a regular and reliable delivery service at the best price possible.


Set to work automatically

The new Tankscout monitors use radar technology and are long-life battery operated. The units send a reading once a day whilst you sleep. This is then updated to AF interactive, which you can view at any time. Perfect if you have tanks in remote locations.

You set a trigger level – the point at which an action occurs – and we do the rest. This could be an automatic top up, ordering a set amount or a call to discuss your requirements. We can alter the trigger level and actions throughout the year depending on your workload.


Bringing efficiencies

Your Fuels team orders for you based on your average daily consumption, factored against delivery timeframes. This enables more economical fills with fewer deliveries throughout the year; great for your carbon footprint.


Works for all fuels

Tankscout monitors work on all liquid fuel tanks, from domestic to agricultural products. You can even have one fitted to your bulk Adblue tank. It takes approximately 10 minutes to have one fitted (to a plastic tank – slightly longer on steel).


Cost cut

These radar units are only available direct from a fuel oil distributor. We have negotiated a deal with the supplier; the units and the install is free for our AF fuel customers and the daily monitoring is an added bonus of your membership of AF.


What an AF Member says

AF Member and Tankscout user Clive Tomlinson, Maintenance Manager for and on behalf of the Mulgrave Estate, says Working on a large rural estate can be challenging. We manage fuel tank requirements in various locations with multiple fuel types.

Tankscout now monitors and manages all of our fuel tanks. In the past year Tankscout has saved us time and resource with noticeable cost savings. We never run out of fuel and heating oil and always get best price. Our thanks go to Hannah at AF.”


Join the Tankscout revolution

We have almost a thousand Tankscout units already working for our Members. With 150 of those installed since June 2022.  If you would like to join the 400+ Members who already use this service, please get in touch for an installation form.

Within 6 weeks, you too could be benefitting from this bespoke fuel ordering service.

fuel@af.farm   01603 881 911.