Providing farmworkers with 24/7 protection

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Agriculture is the most dangerous industry in the UK. Fatal injuries are 18 times more likely than in other sectors. Which is why AF’s Communication Management team is working with Safepoint to offer members software to ensure their staff are kept safe.

Safepoint helps keep everyday workers safe. Through their app, safety-management software and 24/7 alarm-response team, they are in the business of saving lives and improving the wellbeing of your employees.

How it works
Safepoint helps you protect the safety and wellbeing of your staff through its award-winning, three-part system:
1. The Safepoint App: staff members use this easy-to-use app when they go about their daily tasks. If the staff member runs into trouble or is unresponsive, an emergency alert is sent out, as well as their real-time location and safety data.
2. The Safepoint Portal: this browser-based dashboard allows you to see and organise all safety tasks for your entire workforce. You can see any emergency alerts, as well as an overview of all current and historical safety information.
3. Guardian+ Protection: Safepoint’s team of UK-based Guardians watch out for your staff 24 hours a day. If one of your staff sends out an emergency alert or is unresponsive, the Guardians will instantly react based on your safety protocols.
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Perfect for you
Safepoint was built by a team who grew up on and around farms. They understand first-hand the hard graft, isolation and physical risk that is commonplace in agricultural work.That’s why Safepoint is designed with farmworkers in mind. Safepoint is simple-to-use, works well even in low-reception areas, and is partnered with What3Words to help locate staff in rural areas.

Safepoint is such a simple yet effective app that could save your life. It’s a no brainer.” Tim Kitson, Potato Solutions

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