Delivering the best service for your animal health strategy

Surety of supply has never been more important, says Maureen O’Brien Key, especially in animal health products for which AF has a clear, quick and reliable plan for procurement.


Collaboration is key

Being part of a buying group is beneficial for maintaining reliable supply chains so all our livestock farmer Members can get animal health products when you need them at the best possible price.

To mitigate risk within the supply chain, we work with three key POM-V medicine suppliers, with a further seven key animal health suppliers. We work to meet the animal health and welfare needs for every animal, from farm cats and working dogs to high yielding dairy cows and everything in between.


Working with vets

Your AF Livestock Inputs team collaborates closely with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to ensure all regulations are met within our supply chain. Our team of six AMTRA Qualified Registered Animal Medicine Advisors (R-RAMA) assist Members with their POM-VPS needs. We are also able to facilitate the purchase of POM-V products by working with your vet to get a signed prescription, and our suppliers to ensure it has secondary sign off with one of their vets.


Prevention is better than cure

Each animal species can face its own health challenges. We work with you on a ‘prevention is better than cure’ strategy. For example, we procure vaccines to boost immunity. We promote a targeted approach to other health challenges such as worm burdens, using faecal egg count and tailored treatment in accordance with the results to help eliminate anthelmintic resistance.


How does ordering POM-V medication work?

You still need a prescription from your vet to order POM-V medications. Your AF Livestock Inputs team can speak with your vet to obtain this for you.

The order process is simple.

Step 1

Speak to one of your AF Livestock team’s AMTRA qualified RAMA’s.

Step 2

Tell us which animal health product you wish to order (please note that we are unable to advise you on the POM-V medications that you need, this information must be obtained from your vet).

Step 3

Our RAMA provides a quotation for the product you require and checks stock levels to ensure supply.

Step 4

Once you have confirmed that you would like to go ahead, our RAMA will ask for your vet’s contact details.

Step 5

We contact your vet with your order details to obtain a prescription. Once your vet has signed and returned the prescription, we send this to our supplier with the purchase order.

Step 6

The supplier has a secondary sign-off on the prescription by their internal vet before your order is packed and sent to farm.


Why not ask your AF Livestock Inputs team to quote for your animal health products? Email or call 01603 881 905.


Maureen O’Brien Key R-SQP, BSc (Hons)   Animal Health & Equipment Specialist

Maureen.O’  01603 881 976