Could this thermal screening device get you back to work?

thermal screening device
Fever checks are rapidly becoming the norm as we learn more about COVID-19. With all sectors needing to get back to work, demand for thermal equipment is rapidly on the rise.

CAT Phones offer a temperature screening smartphone which is simple to use, cost effective, and immediately available. National Physical Lab in the UK, who have been testing products which claim can help in the fight against COVID-19 have rigorously tested the device. They have endorsed its accuracy to be fit for purpose for a mass screening device.

In 2016, the CAT S60 was the first smartphone in the world to integrate a thermal imaging camera/thermal screening device. The CAT S61 was subsequently launched in 2018. These devices are tried and tested, and now verified for accuracy by the National Physical Lab. The form factor, connectivity and rugged credentials of the Cat S60 and S61 offer unique versatility.


Handheld – ideal to discretely monitor entrances, queues, public transport vehicles, communal areas, and in particular environments where a fixed location camera is not practical for mobile patrols.

Tripod mounting – ideal for reception desks, security gates and other controlled entrance ways.

4G LTE & Wi-Fi connectivity – This makes it simple to stream everything to a control room (allowing one security guard to manage multiple devises/entry points). The AF Telecoms team can provide Data Sims on all UK Business mobile networks.