What it’s like to be a member of the AF Group

af office
The AF Group is a farmer-owned cooperative, so it is imperative that our members are always at the forefront of what we do.
When you join AF, you’ll benefit from so much more than us helping to reduce your costs. You’ll also receive:

Industry Insight

As well as the conversations you’ll have with our team, you’ll also receive our quarterly magazine: YourAF. YourAF offers industry insight and updates from our business units, helping you to plan for the next season. Because you’re part of a cooperative, you’ll also receive business updates direct from our CEO and Directors.

We provide a weekly e-newsletter which provides the latest industry information, such as commodity pricing, as well as the latest supplier offers you can take advantage of.

Meetings and events for AF Group members

You’ll receive invitations to AF meetings and events, some of which will be exclusive to AF members. These include events such as the AF Crop Production Conference and the Norfolk Farming Conference. These meetings and events enable you to learn best practice from industry experts, find out about new products and speak to members of our team face-to-face.


We encourage AF Group members to give us feedback as often as they can. We can learn and act on this, to ensure we’re providing you with the best service.