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Harnessing productivity

What is the Improving Farm Productivity Grant Round 2?

The Farming Investment Fund Improving Farm Productivity Grant Round 2 “provides grants towards large capital items to help farmers and horticulturists improve farm and horticulture productivity” ( 

The grant can be used to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, as well as robotic or automatic equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production,
wavelength specific LED lighting for horticultural crops and advanced ventilation control units. 

The first stage of the application process closes on 31st March ’24. 

How can AF help? 

Your AF Renewables team has so far helped over 40 Members with the first stage of their expressions of interest in the grant.

We provide initial feasibility sizing and costings for solar PV systems, so they can apply for the solar specific element of the ‘Farm Productivity Grant Round 2’.  

Next steps

Do you have a site with:

  • high energy consumption,
  • a three phase supply, and
  • a free roof area in excess of 300 m²?

If the answer is yes, why not give the grant a try? You could be eligible for up to 25% of the cost of a solar power system which could deliver significant savings on your future energy bills. 

Get in touch with us by email to or call 01603 881 894.


Electrifying savings on fixed charges

What have we done?

AF has delivered over £400,000 in annual savings and money back to Members over the last year. How? By identifying Members who’ve been paying more than they needed to on their electricity fixed charges.

Following the industry-wide shake-up of how sites are charged for their use of the grid (the Targeted Charging Review). In some cases, savings have exceeded 80% of the total fixed charges and run into tens of thousands of pounds for individual sites. This is just the start of what we expect to save for Members in the future.

Show me the savings

One Member saved 50% of their Agreed Supply Capacity costs or £6,059 per annum.

“AF assessed the site’s electricity demand. During this process, AF highlighted that our supply capacity could be reduced due to our usage which would significantly cut electricity costs.  Changing the supply capacity didn’t take very long, it was very simple, well explained and saved money.”

Another Member saved 54% of their fixed service costs or £7,100/annum and received a refund of £4,600.

“You are providing such a valuable service. We wouldn’t have read the contract and wouldn’t pick up on the banding, you have, and it looks like you will make a material difference to our charges. Thank you very much.”

If you’re interested in seeing if your electricity sites could also be eligible for a reduction in charges, get in touch with Renewable Energy Specialist Catherine Williams by email to or call 01603 881 894 to discuss further.

And there’s even more good news…

The best part? You don’t even have to purchase your energy through AF for us to help!

Save money. Save time.