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Building strong foundations with an exciting new procurement strategy for construction materials

Your AF General Inputs team knows that getting best price and service on your constructions materials is an important benefit of AF membership for many of you.

What’s changing?

Until now, when you’ve asked us to source a certain product for you, we’ve requested ‘real time’ quotes from 3 national builders’ merchants.

But we wanted to procure key construction materials in a smarter way so, using the information we have on our systems about the products you order, we compiled a list of Members’ most frequently procured construction materials.

We asked all 3 national builders’ merchants to tender for supply of this list of products. As part of this tender process, we also asked suppliers to guarantee prices and lead times. 

Our aim? To procure all orders for these products placed through the office from the winning supplier (except for large quantities which will still go out to quote).

And the winning bid goes to…

Travis Perkins (TP). Alex Surrey, TP regional director, said “We are delighted to have been chosen and look forward to ensuring this new partnership is successful”.

How will it work?

From 1st March to 30th April ’24, we will procure all our most frequently ordered products through Travis Perkins.

We’ll review prices and delivery times throughout this period, so you can be confident we’re delivering best value for you.

If Members’ buying patterns continue, we anticipate making £30k additional savings for you!

And, should you wish to, you can still use other builders’ merchants directly and benefit from discounted prices. 


HSE launches ‘Asbestos – Your Duty’ campaign

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a new campaign to highlight the risk of asbestos in buildings, and raise awareness of the legal duty to manage those risks. The risk can be present in any buildings in the UK built or refurbished before 2000 (following the outright ban on asbestos in 1999).

Are you responsible for managing asbestos risk?

The campaign is aimed at anyone responsible for managing asbestos in buildings. That could be the building owner, the landlord, the business owner, or the person or organisation with clear responsibility for the building’s maintenance or repair. So it’s important to know if you’re responsible and what that means.

The duty to manage asbestos aims to protect anyone who uses a building with asbestos in it. It applies to commercial premises including barns, stores, warehouses, workshops and poultry, pig and livestock buildings.

The HSE campaign has re-designed its online advice (use the links above to navigate to it) to make it clearer, and have all the guidance in a single place.

How can AF help?

Your AF General Inputs team can:

  • arrange asbestos surveys and testing
  • connect you with contractors who can safely clear asbestos
  • hire asbestos skips and bags for disposal
  • procure PPE 

Get in touch by email to or call 01603 881 914.

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