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Stephanie Barber

Payroll with AF is on a roll

Looking from the outside, processing Payroll may seem like it a should be just a simple and routine process. The truth is it’s actually one of the most difficult administrative functions of an organisation. Get it wrong and not only does no-one get paid but it takes a lot to win back employees’ trust that they will indeed get their wages on time and in full.

Perfecting payroll is what I love doing. When I joined AF in September 2022, I brought with me 12 years’ experience working in Accounts and Payroll. Now my career focus in solely based in Payroll and making plans to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently for our Members’ businesses.


Joined-up thinking

I was fortunate enough to join AF at the same time as Payroll Manager Sandie Wadsworth. We could quickly learn about our membership and all the varieties of payrolls AF processes together for Members.

Coming into a new role with Sandie has meant we could share new ideas and develop the systems to provide an excellent service to you and to your employees.

Payroll is key to keep your business running, but we understand it can be time consuming and complex, especially with the ever-changing legislation. Therefore, our first priority was to implement new processes which will help us and each Member process their payroll within the required timeframe.


Building relationships and skills

We are positive about the good relationships we’ve made with Members and are confident we have gained their trust to use us to prepare their payrolls.

Outside of work I studied to get my Association Accounting Technicians Level 3 Certificate. I am looking forward to taking on a new challenge to study further to obtain a qualification in Payroll.

In the business, we are currently in the midst of sourcing new payroll software which will enable us to offer our services to even more Members which is a super exciting time for AF.


Stephanie Barber   Payroll Advisor

stephanie.barber@af.farm  01603 881 968

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